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Virtual educational exhibition "Study in Russia"

The state-of-the-art virtual educational exhibition "Study in Russia" is presented in a latest and convenient website format:

There are more than 60 major-league Russian universities participating in the exhibition!

Each exhibition is full of information about the participating esteemed universities, the presentations of readily available academic programs, review of economical tuition fees, understanding of fine living conditions and detailed analysis of prospects for international students after graduation.

For all the time, the fantastic exhibitions have managed to prove themselves in the competitive international educational market, at the same instant have received approval and significant support from the Ministry of Higher Education and Science of the Russian Federation.

Exhibition schedule:
February 28th - March 1st
March 15th - 16th
April 12th - 13th
April 26th - 27th
May 24th - 25th
June 13th - 14th
August 1st - 2nd
August 23th - 24th
October 25th - 26th

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Study in Russia